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Mission Statement

The main tasks of the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) are to integrate research resources and capability from related departments in the university, strengthen research themes with regional characteristics and develop issues related to Taiwan’s subjectivity and globalization, establish active research communities, and cultivate young scholars in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.

These tasks are designed to achieve the following major goals proposed by CHASS in 2008 when we submitted the subsidy application to the Ministry of Education.

1. Enhance the international and interdisciplinary integration in Humanities and Social Sciences, and improve the academic development in Southern Taiwan
2. Open up dialogues between humanities and social sciences and technology through interdisciplinary integration
3. Enrich the studies of humanities and society with historical and local contexts
4. Promote complementary research projects to achieve the effects of academic integration

The development strategy of CHASS is to assist scholars with outstanding performance and leadership to form groups and apply for collaborative projects. These projects must correspond with the main research goals of CHASS, make good use of the research resources in the university, show the characteristics of Southern Taiwan, and develop potential for international cooperation.

These goals of CHASS aim to implement the strategies in order to perk up the interdisciplinary research capability. Through this practice, CHASS would gain recognition and support from scholars on and off campus. With this strategy, CHASS is committed to promoting two major research themes: (1) transnational and interdisciplinary studies of culture and history, and (2) health governance for ageing society.

In addition to these two research themes, CHASS is also known for its promotion of research and teaching methods based on social practice, as illustrated in CHASS’ implement of the “Humanity Innovation and Social Practice” project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology from 2013 to 2019.