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In order to heighten the standard of research, enhance the academic capacity in the fields of humanities and social sciences, consolidate the value and the influence of humanities and social sciences, and promote balanced development of humanities and technology, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), in accordance with Article 8 of NCKU's organizational regulations, has established the NCKU Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS).

1. Integrate domestic and international resources and research capacities with those of NCKU's relevant departments and centers
2. Strengthen research focused on regional characteristics, and the development of research related to Taiwan’s subjectivity and globalization
3. Establish highly active, thematic research communities, and cultivate young scholars in the humanities and social sciences
4. Promote humanities and social sciences research and other related activities and works

Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences had been approved by the University Council as a first-tier administrative unit on December 26, 2007, and was then approved by Ministry of Education on April 8, 2008.

The establishment of CHASS aims at elevating the research quality for humanities and social sciences research, and promoting interdisciplinary academic integration as well as innovative, outstanding humanities and social sciences research. In the future, we would focus on both “Taiwan Studies” and “Social Practice” as two major research themes.

At present, there are more than 35 researchers participating in the center’s research projects. Those recruited talents on- and off-campus are based in the fields of humanities, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, social sciences, STEM, medicine, etc., and are experts who have carried out outstanding academic research results in those related fields. We also welcome scholars in humanities and social sciences at home and abroad to join.

CHASS has gradually become a knowledge exchange platform which integrates academic research in the humanities and social sciences. In the future, we would integrate the research resources and capacity of domestic and foreign colleges, and strengthen the interdisciplinary academic dynamics and communication among the fields of humanities, science and the society. With an active research community, we would keep on fostering young scholars in the fields, actively presenting and publishing research results, and balancing the development of the natural sciences and social sciences in NCKU.